An unrivalled network and deep domain knowledge.

Our Company.

Albany Partners delivers high-impact leadership appointments within the investor-backed technology ecosystem.

Since our inception more than 12 years ago, we have emerged as the foremost provider of technology and product leadership searches in Europe with over 350 placements to date.

Our specialism enables us to build an unrivalled network and in-depth knowledge systems that underpin the business.

By operating in such a narrow vertical, we are able to provide our clients and network with tangible expertise across executive hiring in every context: permanent and interim, advisory and board-level, and across positions including CIO, CTO, CPO, and CISO.

Our Exceptional Partners.

At Albany, we sit at the heart of our community.

We strive to be generous with our time, advice, resources and opportunities, as we owe it to those who have trusted us with the development of their careers.

As a result, the conviction we’ve cultivated within our ecosystem over the last 12 years has opened doors to partnerships with some exceptional communities.

Our Values.

At Albany, our values inform the very foundation of our team, processes, and ways of working; serving as the blueprint for navigating challenges and nurturing a culture of empowerment.


Upholding the legacy and traditions that have defined our organization's identity for the past 12 years: the belief that specialism is critical to adding value as a search partner.

Knowledge Builds Trust.

Recognizing the power of expertise and information in establishing credibility and reliability. We build trust through transparency and data informed decision-making.

Challenge to Progress.

Embracing obstacles as opportunities for growth and innovation, pushing boundaries to drive continuous improvement and advancement.

Be the Driver, Enjoy the Ride!

Encouraging autonomy, curiosity, and initiative - not just outcome. We celebrate individualism and difference but the thread that connects us is a sense of fulfilment and joy in the process of making an impact.