A reputation for delivering transformational hires.

A Refined Process.

Over the years, we have refined our process in order to ensure we achieve an outcome that shows rigour and accuracy.

Albany’s approach was the most thorough and informed I have ever come across from a search firm. The result was a perfect fit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and we will certainly be using Albany again for other roles.

Daniel Langkilde

Market Mapping.

We expect to find qualified and interested individuals in our immediate network. Alongside leveraging our network, we run a comprehensive mapping process.

This process includes researching organisations with similar technical environments, engaging similar tech plays and identifying strategies for success.

We have developed proprietary knowledge systems that enable us to rapidly assess the landscape. Our team are constantly surveying the market, putting us at the forefront of industry trends. It is our business to be experts in the niche market we operate in, and we strive for excellence in process and people.

A Holistic Approach.

Network & Research.

We combine a proactive approach of our extensive network of technology leaders with highly targeted research.

Personal Development & Mapping.

This results in clear mapping of the appropriate businesses and the relevant high-performing personnel within them.

Long-term Value.

Searches at senior level typically take 10-12 weeks. Our rigorous process ensures we find transformational leaders that are a genuine fit for a business. This is how we deliver successful outcomes which provide long term added value to both parties.