Take the survey for our CTO Compensation Report, 2nd Edition

Last year, we teamed up with CTO Craft to launch a CTO Compensation survey.

The response was overwhelming, with 600+ responses and 1800+ downloads – so we are doing it again.

As of today, we are thrilled to start data collection for the 2nd Edition of this survey, aiming to provide an updated analysis of the tech landscape after a tumultuous 12 months across the market.

The past year has been marked by significant upheavals, including unprecedented layoffs and the ongoing effects of the “tech reset” on company valuations, share values, and exit opportunities.

In such a dynamic environment, access to real-time data on market rates and insights into strategies for stabilising uncertainty and enhancing retention within engineering teams is essential.

This survey not only aids in individual career planning but also empowers organisations to make informed decisions that promote sustainable growth amidst the challenges and opportunities in today’s tech ecosystem.

By participating anonymously, you’ll gain real-time insights into market rates and an insider’s perspective on strategies to mitigate uncertainty and bolster retention across engineering teams. 

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